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My name is Kwok Yin Mak and I am a multidisciplinary designer currently working at Ueno. I am specialized in art direction, user experience, and anything interactive. I am dedicated to deliver the highest quality of work and I enjoy working with others to bring ideas to life. Let me know if you want to work together.




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Coates Golf was created with the intent and dedication to fill the gap with performance golf equipment for female athletes in a male dominated industry.

Coates Golf approached Spry Group wanting to create an e-commerce platform to promote their golf equipment and their upcoming clothing line. I was intially in charge of the art direction as well as the user experience of the e-commerce platform. But during the design phase, I was also assigned to assist Coates to develop other projects such as the Try Coates Program, marketing landing pages, and the site of the Coates Golf Championship.

Coates Golf worked with Skystorm Productions on their TV commercials and promotional videos. The aesthetic fits perfectly with my vision of the Coates Golf e-commerce site. You can watch the ad on here.

Coates wanted a way to encourage anyone to try our their products. Along with hosting demo days to showcase their products, they came up with Try Coates program which allows potential customers to try out their golf equipment with a small cost. The Try Coates program is designed to be as simple as posible where users are only required to pick out the interested golf equipment and pay for the shipping.

High contrast photography are being utilize throughout the site to complement the content and communication.


  • Year: 2014
  • Agency: Spry Group
  • Client: Coates Golf
  • My Roles: Art Direction, User Experience Design, Web Design
  • Project Manager: Devin Richards
  • Development: Chris Kruse, Matt Gallant, Jeremy Hutchcraft

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