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My name is Kwok Yin Mak and I am a multidisciplinary designer currently working at Ueno. I am specialized in art direction, user experience, and anything interactive. I am dedicated to deliver the highest quality of work and I enjoy working with others to bring ideas to life. Let me know if you want to work together.




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Skystorm Production is an award winning full-service video production company based in Florida.

Revamping the digital identity of a creative company is no easy task, especially for a company with high standards and expectations. The challenge of the redesign was not deciding which shade of blue to use, nor the alignment of the pixels, but the presentation of every single individual at Skystorm, and the company as a whole.

The flexibility of Effra allows it to blend with other design elements. Pairing it with Adobe Caslon makes the communication strong and cultivated.

Utilizing photos of the team members working together in different stages of a project effectivly conveys unity and professionalism: my interpretation of Skystorm Productions.


  • Year: 2014
  • Agency: Spry Group
  • Client: Skystorm Productions
  • My Roles: Art Direction, User Experience Design, Web Design
  • Project Manager: Devin Richards
  • Development: Matt Gallant

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